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Renowned NRI business man from Kannur Mr. K P Nair started his India operations by starting Bajaj dealership in 1997 and soon established KVR group in the map of Malabar as one of the leading business houses in Malabar. Since 1997 KVR group expanded its business with association with some of the best brands in the country like CANON, TATA Motors, KTM, FIAT, JEEP etc. to name a few.
KVR started TATA Motors association in 2008 and the TATA dealership, christened “KVR DREAM VEHICLES “ won many awards during the time from TATA Motors like highest NANO sale during 2011 – 12, highest NANO sale in tier 3 cities in 2012 – 13, highest sale of new products in tier 2 cities in 2016 – 17 to name a few. Mr. K P Nair’s track record in TATA motors helped him to win dealership of many other popular brands .
KVR group is now entering Property development and construction business. Mr. K P Nair has long been involved in lot of social charity activities; he is working towards betterment of society through many NGOs and charity societies.
Mr. K P Nair is assisted by his elder son Mr. Sujith Ram Parayil ,joint managing director, KVR group in his Kerala ventures.